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Nature and Wildlife

While arid and barren rock faces and mountains mark the Spitian landscape, its wildlife is quite the opposite. Spiti valley has a variety of Himalayan wildlife that includes marmots, blue sheep, Himalayan red fox, ibex, musk deer and the elusive snow leopard. The Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary and Pin Valley National Park ensure safe natural habitat for these animals. Experience contrasting shades of Spiti with warm open skies in summer and white snow-clad landscape in winters. Join us for Wildlife and Snow Leopard Sighting Tour to catch a glimpse of these animals in their natural habitat. 

Kibber Wildlife
Sanctuary Tour

Established in 1992, the sanctuary is located at Kibber Village, the highest motor-able village of the country. It is just 6 km from Chicham. Divided into outer buffer zone and inner protected area, the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary spans approximately 1,000 square kilometres. Some of the animals that inhabit the area include the ibex, snow leopard, Tibetan wolf, red fox, wooly hare and golden eagle, among others.

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Pin Valley  National
Park Tour

Pin Valley National Park is home to various animals and birds, including the endangered snow leopard. Established as a part of the Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area in 1987, the Pin Valley National Park is a key tourist attraction. Bestowed with rich flora, the park is home to animals like the ibex, bharal, weasel, Tibetan gazzle, blue sheep, Himalayan brown bear and raven, among others.

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Snow Leopard & Wildlife Photography Tours

Spiti is one of the few havens for the top Himalayan predator, the snow leopard. As the landscape transforms in winter, the snow leopard follows its prey down to lower altitudes. This makes the harsh Himalayan winter the best time to spot this elusive cat and other fascinating Himalayan wildlife. This exclusive tour promises a wild Himalayan photography adventure like none other.

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