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History and Culture

The history of Spiti can be traced to the Mesozoic Era when the landmass on Earth was divided by the Tethys sea.  With the formation of the Himalayas, the sea ceased to exist and the living creatures turned into fossils. Spiti is the region where the Tethys sea used to exist and you can still find fossils in some areas.

Spiti is locally called Piti or the middle land, the land between India and Tibet. Most people follow Buddhism and the valley has some of the world’s oldest monasteries. The people of Spiti are warm and hardworking as they combat harsh weather and geography. Explore the Spitian way of life and soak in the culture during your stay at Tethys Himalayan DEN.

Cultural Village Walk

The real experience of visiting a place lies in soaking in the culture and traditions and interacting with the local people. Walk through Chicham village, experience warm Spitian hospitality and explore the pea farms. A great retreat from the hectic modern day city living. For those looking for an extended adventure, join our Homestay Trek and Cultural Tour across the valley.

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Hike to Shimo Khabdin

Shimo Khabdin cave, is an 80 meter long cutting through a mountain top next to Chicham. More than just a hike, this cave has archaeological and historic significance. The cave hides within pictographs and artifacts that predate Buddhism and could have been made by the first human settlers in the region. Hike over rocky terrain to get to this vantage point with our local guide and savour the breathtaking view.

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Monastery Circuit

A centre for Buddhism, Spiti has several ancient monasteries. Explore the 5 main monasteries of Spiti - Ki, Tabo, Dhankar, Komic and Kungri monastery. Embark on a soul searching journey as you walk through tranquil passages of history. From the iconic Ki monastery to the beautiful Tabo monastery, feel the Buddhist hymns resonate through the valley.

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High Altitude Village Tour

Take an exciting day trip to the high altitude villages of Hikkim, Komic and Langza. Each village, with something different to offer, will take you on a rich cultural sojourn. Visit the Komic Gompa, send a postcard to your loved ones from the world’s highest post office at Hikkim and hunt for millions of years old pre-historic fossils around Langza. All the while enjoy the beauty of Spiti and its unique landscape.

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Chandra Tal Tour

Chandra Tal or the ‘moon lake’ is a key attraction of Spiti and no trip to the valley is complete without a visit. The luring blue lake lies at 4,270 meters above sea level. Choose between camping a night near the lake or spending an idyllic afternoon soaking in the beauty of the lake surrounded by high peaks and dip your feet in its ice-cold water. For the more adventurous, a cycling tour is an option as well.

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