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Spiti Facts

A trip to Spiti valley with towering arid mountains, breathtaking views, rare flora and fauna, thinly populated quaint villages and rich culture and history is a special experience. However, there are some things to keep in mind when planning a trip to the trans-Himalayan jewel. Here are some things that will help you prepare.

  • Mobile and internet connectivity in Spiti is irregular. BSNL works the best across Spiti, though Jio has recently made inroads into the region. Some areas get internet connectivity while others don't.

  • Power cuts are common in the region. Carry battery packs to charge your phone and cameras.

  • The SBI ATM at Kaza is the only one in the region. Since it caters to the entire valley, it often runs out of cash. There is no facility for card payments in Spiti yet so it is advisable to carry enough cash for the duration of your trip.

  • Kaza has the only petrol pump of the region and it is not uncommon for it run out of fuel. If you are coming from Shimla, the last petrol pump falls at Powari and if you are coming from the Manali, it is best to fuel up at the start.​

  • Owing to the geography and weather of the region, it is common for roads to be shut due to natural or ongoing road repair/building work. Keep a couple of buffer days when planning your trip for unforeseen closures.

  • There are two routes to get to Spiti – From Manali and Shimla. 

While the road from Shimla to Spiti is better laid it is also longer. The journey from Shimla is 411 km till Kaza. The approach from Manali, just 200 km, is by far the shortest to reach Kaza, but is also more adventurous and rough. The journey takes up a full day to reach Kaza. The road from Manali is usually open from mid-June to end September, the road from Shimla is open almost throughout year.

  • Most of Spiti is a high altitude desert. Kaza stands at 3,700 metre above sea level and Tethys Himalayan DEN is located at 4,270 metre above sea level at Chicham. Plan the journey such that there is enough time to acclimatise to the altitude gain. In case of sickness or AMS, Kaza has a hospital. It is best to inform your tour operator in case of AMS or sickness.

  • Foreign nationals need an inner line permit if travelling from Shimla. It can be obtained from Reckong Peo.

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