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Spiti valley has lots on offer for the adventure enthusiast, be it a beginner or seasoned mountaineer. From local hikes to multi-day treks and cycling expeditions, traverse through the Spitian topography at your own pace or push your limits for that adrenaline rush. Nomadic Trails – India, the outdoor unit of Tethys Himalayan, focuses on activity and adventure based experiential trips in Spiti. Our team of accomplished and qualified mountaineers have curated unique tours that will truly take you to new heights!

Parang La Top.jpg
Spiti to Ladakh Trek

Embark on a journey over historic trails that connect the two ancient Buddhist kingdoms. Go back in time as you traverse the old trading routes to trek from Chicham in Spiti to Tsomoriri in Ladakh. Parang La, with the long glacier crossing, is well-known route that has stood the test of time. There are other forgotten routes too, like Takling La and we do them all. Camp at high-altitude wetlands, cross pristine streams and end the trek with breathtaking views of the Tsomoriri.

Mount Kanamo.jpg
Mount Kanamo Trek

Mount Kanamo, a 5,970 metre high peak, is completely non-technical from the climbing point of view. While the the distance covered over the three-day trek is not too much, it takes you to a high altitude making acclimatization that much more important. Trek over typically arid Spitian landscape and get rewarded with beautiful views of the surrounding valleys. Enjoy the experience of camping and savour the ‘top of the world’ feeling upon summit.

Ladarcha Hike view.jpg
Ladarcha Day Hike

A leisurely local day hike takes you to Ladarcha, an old ground that was used to hold barter trade fairs. Located behind the hill from Tethys Himalayan DEN, it is a rewarding and easy hike as you climb above Chicham village to a vantage point with a small
seasonal pond. The descent leads to Ladarcha, offering panoramic views of Spiti river and the majestic valley. A great hike to acclimatize to the high altitude while capturing some great shots of the vast valley.

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Hike to Shimo Khabdin

Shimo Khabdin cave, is an 80-meter long cutting through a mountain top next to Chicham. More than just a hike, this cave has archaeological and historic significance. The cave hides within pictographs and artifacts that predate Buddhism and could possibly have been made by the first human settlers in the region. Hike over rocky terrain to get to this vantage point with our local guide and savour the breathtaking view.

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Village Cycling Tour

Experience Spiti on the wheels! Choose this tour to complete a single day circuit covering the villages of Kiato, Pangmo, Rangrik, Ki, Kibber and Chicham. Most of the ride is along the Spiti river with the sound of gushing water adding harmony. Some key attractions that you will cover include Ladarcha, Ki monastery and Takling Nala. Chose this tour to truly explore Spitian topography up close. 

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Cultural Cycling Tour

Ride to Spitian hotsports. A ride from Chicham to Tabo via Dhankar covers three of the most important monasteries of Spiti. Pick this unique tour to discover a different side of Spiti and add a new experience to your repertoire. Most of this ride is rolling and downhill except for the climb to the Dhankar monastery. The ride ends at Tabo and you drive back to Chicham.
If time allows, we might have another surprise detour for you.

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Cycling to Chandra Tal

The journey to the must visit Chandra Tal is only 78 km from Tethys Himalayan DEN. For those who are up for the adventure, we organise a cycling tour from Chicham to the scenic lake. A single day ride, it can also be made broken into a more leisurely two-day ride with a stop in the middle. The road on this route is rough and involves a climb to the Kunzum La pass, however, the views and the experience make up for it. 

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