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Terms and Conditions

We are a 'homestay' style mountain lodge and while we will try and serve you to the best of our capabilities, we do look forward to your cooperation in helping us to do so by going through our guidelines and adhering to them. We hope you’ll appreciate the toughness of the location we operate in and help us serve you better.

Please read these terms carefully before booking or availing any services by Tethys Himalayan. Tethys Himalayan reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time at its sole discretion.

General House Rules


Check-in / Check-out times

  • Check-in – 1300 to 2100 hrs.

  • Check-out – 0600 to 1100


Meal timings:

  • Breakfast: 0730 to 1030 hrs.

  • Lunch: 1300 – 1500 hrs. We don’t stay ready to offer lunch services on a daily basis. However, we will be happy to serve you if informed in advance.

  • Dinner: 2000 to 2200.

Quiet hours: 0000 to 0530


Dining & Room service:

  • There is no room service at TH DEN and no food or beverage service will be provided in the rooms.

  • Meals of choice will be served only during the designated meal hours. 

  • Drinking water is available in the common areas for all to refill. We do not enourage the use of single use plastic bottles.

  • We will be happy to serve warm / hot drinking water to you, if needed, in flasks.  

Every bathroom is equipped with the following:

  • Toilet paper roll

  • 2 steel buckets & tumbler

  • ‘Bio degradable’ liquid hand soap in a ceramic dispenser

  • Solar power heated hot water supply for use at all times

Water is a scarce resource in Spiti, we promote and encourage the use of buckets as opposed to showers as they help reduce the water consumption by almost 60%.


Booking Policy

  • All booking confirmed against 50% advance payment.

  • Check in and checkout time can be pushed upon request provided it does not hinder any other bookings at the property.

  • No Warranty: You hereby acknowledge and agree that Tethys Himalayan is not responsible for your personal belongings. Tethys Himalayan and its employees shall NOT be responsible for ‎any loss, theft or damage to the guests' personal valuables and belongings.

  • A booking can be rescheduled but will be subject to availability.

Cancelation policy

  • Full refund in case of cancellations made over 30 days prior to stay.

  • 25% refund in case of cancellations made over 15 days prior to stay.

  • No refund for 15 days and under.

  • No refunds will be processed in case of no-shows / cancellations due to unforeseen or uncontrolled circumstances, including but not limited to weather, landslides, road closures etc.

Our Responsibility

  • At the time of booking, Tethys Himalayan might ask for basic personal information that will be kept private.

  • It is the responsibility of Tethys Himalayan to communicate and give the client information useful for travel to the property.

  • The scope of the services offered by Tethys Himalayan begins from time of check-in. Tethys Himalayan will not be responsible for the journey and travel to the property.

  • Communicate house rules and policies to the client in advance.

  • Communicate with the guests the conservation measures in place at the property and the role the guests can play in its successful implementation.

  • The company cannot be held responsible where a disease or illness is contracted during or after the visit. Should the Client need to leave because of such, no refund whatsoever will be forthcoming and the Client will be responsible for all expenses incurred for the treatment.

  • Tethys Himalayan, its employees and agents cannot be held responsible for expenses, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment or anything else caused by the client’s non-compliance with any of responsibilities listed hereafter.

  • The company will use the name and comments of a guest to be used as reviews only after obtaining consent from the client.

Client Responsibility

  • Responsible guests must follow house rules and help implementation of the conservation policies of the property.

  • The Client must make themselves aware through the various government agency warnings and advisories (e.g. British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, US Department of State) with regard to the safety of countries and areas through which they’ll be travelling and to make their own decisions accordingly.

  • The Client is to get professional medical advice before travelling and to take all necessary health precautions and preventative measures.

  • Tethys Himalayan DEN is located in a high altitude village of Spiti and some precautions are advisable for those with certain medical conditions. The Client is responsible for informing the Company (Tethys Himalayan), at the time of booking, of any known disabilities or medical conditions, or, if not known at the time of booking, as soon they become known.

  • The Client must reimburse the Company for any extra expenses incurred on behalf of the Client.

  • The Client must be aware that the Tethys Himalayan crew and representatives may take photographs. The Company reserves the right to use such media for marketing without obtaining consent from the Client.

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